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The Dividend Investor als Buch von Rodney Hobson
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The Dividend Investor:How to Maximise Your Income by Investing in Shares Rodney Hobson

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Shares Made Simple, 3rd Edition: A Beginner´s G...
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Revised and updated third edition of the number one book about the stock. For the past 10 years, Shares Made Simple has been the top choice of listeners who want to know more about the stock market. Now in a fully revised and updated third edition, the book continues to tear away the mystique and jargon that surrounds the stock market. Written by highly respected financial journalist Rodney Hobson, it takes you step by step through the most basic concepts of stock market investing, carefully explaining issues such as: What shares are and how they are bought and soldWhy share prices go up and downWhy some companies´ shares look cheap while others appear to be expensiveThe hidden traps for the unwaryThis audiobook of the fully revised and updated third edition of the best-selling book A Beginner´s Guide to the Stock Market sets out to create a level playing field between the stock market professionals and the small investor. No one needs to suffer pitiful bank interest rates when there is real money to be made in sharing the nation´s wealth.Tens of thousands of investors have already benefited from Rodney´s clear explanation of the stock market - now you can too. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Thomas Cassidy. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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