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Investing in the stock market has always been tricky for a common investor. Most of the people lose money in the stock market instead of making money. The reason for the same is the wrong selection of the investment in some cases only. In most of the cases, however, the reason is the wrong timing of the decision to buy or to sell the investment. The problem of wrong timing can be solved by using the different methods of the technical analysis. I have developed one such method with a reasonably good degree of accuracy. It is very easy for a common investor to understand and to use. An investor can master the method of using the Hemant Kanade Style 1 Average within a few days after reading this book thoroughly. A greater amount of practice of using this method makes an investor quite comfortable with the stock market analysis and can deal in the stock market quite confidently. This is my second book for novel investors and even for intra-day traders. One more guide to time the investment decisions properly.

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